Open calls / Pixelache Festival
Pixelache Helsinki 2011: Call for Proposals

This is an open call for Pixelache Helsinki 2011 / map me if you will and Computational Photography (more information). The deadline for proposals is Monday 8 November 2010. We will close the submission form on Tuesday 9 morning at 8:00 Finnish time (7:00 CET), all submissions received before this time are accepted. 

map me if you will: Pixelache Festival 2011 looks for works that collect, transform, and make use of the data of everyday life in unseen artistic ways. This open call is for works which will either be presented individually or as a part of a the 'map me if you will' seminar. You can also propose workshops, performances and other related programme. Computational Photography: This open call is for artworks of computational photography in the broad meaning of the term. They can be still or moving images, installations, online projects; or devices or social processes used to create new visual languages.

Instructions for filling in the application form: Description: A short description of your project. Please also provide following information: 1. Project credits, 2. Project presenters (persons who would participate Pixelache Helsinki 2011), 3. Technical requirements. Attachments: Unfortunately our online registration system does not allow you to include attachment files. All additional attachments (project descriptions, CVs, etc) should be made available online and the address(es) from which they can be downloaded can be listed in this field. Keywords: Please mention the programme section(s) which are relevant for your proposal (Map me if you will, Computational Photography, Groworld Bazaar). You can also give a list of keywords that can help us to place your proposal into the right context. - - - - -