Pixelache Clubs

For Pixelache 2011, Äänen Lumo has invited a host of artists with very little in common. Or so it seems on the surface, if one wishes to keep the categories intact. Since the artists do have one thing in common: a burning passion. The stage in Dubrovnik will be taken over by pioneers of their trade as well as newcomers and surprising projects.

Äänen Lumo (Charm of Sound) promotes art with a voice. During 2011, we produce a monthly series of events titled Vaihe (phase), bringing new and experimental music to radically different settings in Helsinki and beyond. The Pixelache clubs equal to “Vaihe02”.

– Kimmo Modig, director of Äänen Lumo



If you don’t have a festival pass, you can participate in a ticket lottery – more information at www.aanenlumo.fi.



22.00 Taco Bells with Martin Küchen (SWE)
23.00 Yann Leguay (FR)
ca. 00.15 Gayborhood DJ’s


22.00 Varropas
23.00 annajoanna!
23.45 Laulan Sinule (EST)
ca. 00.30 DJ’s Esmeralda Temple and Myan Maraca


Taco Bells and Martin Küchen
Hard-boiled Swedish saxophone player Martin Küchen combines his forces with the Finnish free jazz unit Taco Bells. The quartet utilizes traditional jazz instruments, like saxophones, drums and double bass, but the outcome will be far more out there. No applause after solos.

Tero Kemppainen – double bass
Martin Küchen – reeds
Sami Pekkola – reeds
Jaakko Tolvi – drums

Taco Bells:
Martin Küchen:

Yann Leguay
Born in 1981 (Fr), Yann Leguay lives and works in Brussels. His approach to sound design for installation, performance and film centers on the materiality of sound. Both a visual artist and sound maker (and vice versa), he has participated in numerous exhibitions including «MiR» in Athens, «Le Nouveau Festival» at Centre Pompidou in Paris and «TurnTable music Night» at STEIM in Amsterdam.

Yann Leguay performs live improvisation in concert places and multimedia festivals in Europe with projects such as Quasi static crack propagation, Cutter-Off and RadioFreeRobots. He is directing a DRIFT series on the ArtKillArt label and edited his sound work on Phonotopy.

Gayborhood djs
Gayborhood djs KI KI & Masculina play electro, house, hip hop, disco and well beyond. Check out mixes & more fromhttp://gborhood.com/

Varropas is the duo outing of two seasoned musicians from Helsinki, Samuli Kytö and Juuso Paaso. Their sound is about bass lines, balance, finding unexpected sounds, building open territories for placing simple melodies. The pieces fit loosely with the end result resembling more of a draft.
rehearsal recording:

The sampler duo annajoanna! offers a sonic experience in Club Dubrovnik. The duo’s music is inspired by buttons of different sizes, a mickeymouse with red ears, a basketball sticker, and Cookie Monster.

Laulan sinule
Laulan sinule (I sing to You) is an electronic pop band. Initially, Taavi Tulev has been mostly associated with instrumental music. Laulan sinule live consists of two more members: Synth player and vocalist Triinu and a male dancer Priidik.

Call it vocal techno music – bass drum and analog synths are in high priority, just as are lyrics. The songs, which are of earnest nature, are sang in Estonian, inspired by beautiful things and are sometimes extremely radical.

DJ Esmeralda Temple
Dj Esmeralda Temple was born out of the ruins a Midsummer Night grill, in 2010. One could hear music coming from the grill, but what is it? Does it have rhythm? Is there a message?

DJ Myan Maraca
DJ Myan Maraca rides to Helsinki packed with gold, chrism and smell of incense from faraway worlds of Pop, Calypso, Disco, Punk, Rock and Roll and all sorts of psychedelic music.