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29 November 2011 12:49
If you are not familiar with the term 'odious debt' then I would recommend for you to watch the Debtocracy documentary film. The first part of the film gives a general introduction to the credit-driven global economy and the accumulation of Greek debt. Things get more interesting at approx 33:00...
12 September 2011 13:00
Discussions about setting up an alternative to Helsinki WDC are going on at the moment... If you want to participate in the discussions, please drop an email to juhuu ((at)) juhuu.nu.(see previous discussion about Helsinki WDC here)UPDATE ON SEPT 14: So far 15+ organisations and 15+ people have...
05 September 2011 11:30
(This posting continues the discussion related to my Helsinki WDC critique last week).Helsingin Sanomat newspaper featured Helsinki WDC critique as their main story in the culture section yesterday (unfortunately you need to be a registered subscriber to read the article). The three featured...
30 August 2011 17:55
When Helsinki World Design Capital 2012 announced its theme to be 'Open Helsinki - embedding design in life', my first reaction was - excitement! Choosing openness as a theme seemed like a bold move from the Helsinki WDC organisers - a commitment to try out new things, to take risks, to support...
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