TIMELAB: The Mini-CNC kit

Over the past 9 months we have been developing a lasercut kit for a small, sturdy, desktop-sized, 
computer-controlled milling machine. So far we have used it to mill wood, plexi, PCB's and one table surface. We bring parts for 8 machines with us to Pixelache and would love to build them together with you.

In the workshop we will help you assemble a complete CNC-machine in one day. You will get to try out our machines, and by the end of the day, your own. We'll explain what parts we use and why. You will have the opportunity to make parts for the machines on our Makerbots. You will also show you around the CAD-files if you're interested in adapting the machine into your custom version. We want to actually build complete, working machines with a group of people. Therefore our workshop takes the entire day.

Participation fee for the workshop is 30 euro. This will also give you a free Pixelache Helsinki 2011 festival pass. At the end of the workshop you can decide if you like our machine enough to take it home. In that case you pay for the parts (see more info about the costs in the workshop's wiki page). If not, we keep the machine, and hope you had an interesting day learning about computer-steered motion control. The workshop is hosted by Lieven Standaert & Kurt Van Houtte / Timelab.

Maximum amount of participants: 15.