The Invisible City

The Invisible City project explores the city not just as formed by physical space, but also as a collective construction, made up of the memories, desires and experiences of its inhabitants.

The city should not be conceived as a unit but rather as the sum of its inhabitants’ multiple points of views which, all combined, create a multi-faceted perspective. Thus, the city is an aggregation of public and private spaces, from which emerges a shared identity allowing us to live in it.

This project consists of a series of events, including a film screening accompanied by a live soundtrack, a workshop in public space, and an exhibition featuring work by visual artists from Barcelona (some of them artist residents or former residents from HANGARvisual arts production centre).

These events will explore different forms of exchange and interaction between the city and its inhabitants. We will look into the perception and identity of contemporary cities, and at how art can influence their transformation, asking: Do we live in a real city or in the mirage of what it should be?


“Cities are a collection of many things: memories, desires, signs of a language, are places of exchange, as explaining all the history books of the economy, but these trade-offs are not only of goods, are also traded their words , desires, memories. “ - Invisible Cities. Italo Calvino.


Initiator/Organiser/Curator: Jon Irigoyen (ES/FI)