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Performances and Presentations

GOTO10 members and friends will present some of their works and projects in the Camp Pixelache.

Karsten Gebbert, Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux, Gabor Papp - Outcome of the Puredyne sprint hosted by Pixelache and HIAP on the Suomenlinna Island. Puredyne is a liveUSB GNU/Linux distribution aimed at creative people, looking for tools outside the standard. It provides the best experimental creative applications alongside a solid set of graphic, audio and video tools in a fast, minimal package. For everything from sound art to innovative filmmaking. For three days, dev from Puredyne and Fluxus have worked to develop further the system.
Claude Heiland-Allen (reaction-diffusion explorer) - rdex-client is an installation that explores in an autonomous hyperspace mathematical model, searching for interesting emergent behaviour (life-alike, alife). When rdex-client finds interesting behaviour, it uploads a snapshot to rdex-server along with the results of a few image analysis algorithms. rdex-server provides an interface to browse this collection by similarity to a chosen target or focus point.

Dan Stowell - “cyber-beatboxing and machine listening” Dan Stowell combines open-source music software with machine-learning techniques to control synthesisers by voice. You might even get to look down his throat.

Dave Griffiths and Gabor Papp - Introducing fluxus: from hack pact to live coding. Fluxus is a 3D game environment that allows you to create sounds, worlds and animations by means of improvised livecoding. We discuss hack pacts, gamepad livecoding and why algorithms are harder to notice than chainsaws.

Come see us on Friday at Kerava!