Fläbät partner

From January 2011, Piknik Frequency have entered a partnership with Scred in the use of their online ticketing service Fläbät. Fläbät is developed by a Helsinki (infact Kaapelitehdas) -based small business enterprise called Scred*. Currently in public beta, it has already been extensively used for different scaled participatory events in Helsinki such as Alt Party, Slush, and most recently, Onnistamo. The Fläbät service allows festival attendees to gain, purchase and so reserve their pass in advance of travel to Helsinki or Suomenlinna. Finnish bank account holders can use their electronic banking system, while also national and internatinal visa cards can also be used. For the Pixelache office, it helps indicate advance income from ticket sales, and eases post-festival accounting. Fläbät will also be used over the next year for reservation in limited space free ticket events, and for advance payment in local workshop or Pixelversity events (for example material fees or travel cost contributions). * For those with attentive memories, Scred spokesperson Kristoffer Lawson was also one of the presenters in Pixelache Festival 2009's Alternative Economy Cultures symposium.