Spaceship Earth (Art, Science & Ecology)

Earth is the only vessel that humankind has and we should learn how to be good pilots (as soon as possible). This idea was often featured in writings of architect / inventor Buckmister Fuller (‘Buckie’) who wanted to challenge the conventional ideas we have about design and engineering.

Buckie believed that one key to more sustainable living would be to communicate detailed information about the use of Earth’s resources for general public. This would happen by building miniature versions of our planet – spherical venues that function as information centers that school groups and families can visit. The information would be presented in an engaging way, as visualizations that are projected on the inner walls of the buildings. The scale of these venues would be such that people could imagine themselves as barely visible grains of sand on the surface of the building. Buckie believed that this experience and gained knowledge would influence people’s everyday behavior and political decisions.

The Spaceship Earth programme of Pixelache09 explores how relevant these ideas are today, when ubiquitous computing and climate crisis are emerging simultaneously. The programme consists of a workshop, a seminar and an exhibition in Lasipalatsi.