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atau-adam :: Thursday 2 April, 19:00-20:00
:: Culture Lab Newcastle - experimental sound performances
:: Kiasma Theatre - Free entrance Kazuhiro Jo (JP/UK): Lighting Wave / Colored Noise
Kazuhiro Jo is a Japanese sound artist with background in acoustic design and in interaction design. In his performance Lighting Wave / Colored Noise, he will show two contrastive instruments “Lighting Wave” with photosensitive sine wave objects and Colored Noise with an isolated white noise generator. Jamie Allen (CA/UK): circuitMusic
circuitMusic is a platform for improvisational audio circuit building with raw op amp components. It is live audio circuit construction, signals laid bare, experimental music. Performances consist of audio circuitry, breadboards, and other raw electronics. Will Schrimshaw (UK): Sediment
Sediment is a performance comprised of open circuits, unfinished code and rocks; the acoustic properties of collected base materials are drawn out through machinic intervention. Atau Tanaka (JP/UK/FR) & Adam Parkinson (UK)
Atau and Adam combine the dynamics of free jazz and improvisation with the physicality and repetition of electronic dance music, moving through crisp digital textures, saturated funk riffs and fractured shards of sub bass. Atau’s instrument, the biomuse, uses bioelectric signals to manipulate electronic sounds, embedding the musician’s body in the performance, whilst Adam’s setup uses max msp software and controllers to draw the expressivity from the clicks, crackles and pulses of his drum machines. - - - - - cutter_off :: Friday 3 April, 19:00-20:30
:: Artkillart Part 1
:: Kiasma Theatre - Ticket: 10 e Yann Leguay (FR): Cutter off
Cutter off is vinyl’s dissection. In anatomy, a dissection consist in opening a body following a defined protocol. In geometry, a dissection problem consist in cutting a figure and rearranging the pieces in a new order. The Cutter off dissection is an evolving mix, in which the cutting is made live, starting from a blank vinyl and using surgical tools connected to micro-contacts. Cutter Off is the live version of the project Cut / instrumental 4, on view at the gallery Myymälä2 during 1-12 April 2009. Diego de Leon (ES): Noise Invader
Using found objects and found sounds, in opposition to “single use” and “disposable” culture and the obsolescence business, Diego de Leon proposes a noisy travel based on sound recycling and handcraft tech. A realtime jam where the musician do what his own machines are suggesting. “If they sell you trash you better take it from the garbage for free” Venzha Christ (Indonesia)
This performance plays with signal and frequencies around the space and all of us. Venzha will bring lots of analog electronic circuit to build, compose, and create atmospheres, even putting some circuits on his body. "These instruments connect with a million possibilities in the middle of <fictive parallel> electromagnetic spectrum where we all live. Mix – Analyze – Erase – Delete – Combine – Unfinish." - - - - - sk-promo09-011 :: Friday 3 April, 22:00-03:00
:: Pixelache Club
:: Dubrovnik - Ticket: 8 e (+2 e garderobe) Live:
Shogun Kunitoki (FI) - record release event!
Shogun Kunitoki is a band from Helsinki, Finland, with a mission to help electronic music regress back to a more human state, the time of the tube organ and the ring modulator, the spring reverb and the test oscillator. Matala / Ona Kamu (FI) - premiere of new songs
Matala is ona kamu: vocals, computer, accordion, clockenspiel, melodihorn, melodica, stylophones, cracklebox and scrunching plastics. Gieskes (NL)
Hacked instruments and twisted gameboy music. DJ:
T.A. Kaukolampi (FI)
Erection Duck (EE)

www.taavetjansen.eu + maike.lond.interfaculty.nl
Samesame (DK)
nyxedition.wordpress.com - - - - - pulse1 :: Saturday 4 April, 17:30-18:30 + 19:00-20:00
:: Artkillart Part 2 + Pink Twins + Extension du domaine de la lutte
:: Kiasma Theatre - Ticket: 10 e 17:30-18:30: Artkillart Part 2
Valentina Vuksic (CH): Tripping Through Runtime
Acoustic science fiction trips through the magnetic spheres of laptop motherboards.
A collection of elderly laptops is being examined via magnetic pickup microphones. The microphones transform the magnetic waves around the various electronic parts of the computers. Each action upon the laptops can be sensually experienced through a broad range of layered sounds. Already plugging the power and booting up an operating system reveals an own small-scale universe of sounds and provides insight into the complex spare room emerging between hard- and software. This space is being explored and further modeled by triggering actions on purpose. System analysis tools, stress tests and custom c-programs shall bring the characteristics of each machine into the limelight. RYBN.ORG (FR): Monochrome
Monochrome is an audiovisual performance, built with black sequences extracted from various divx movies. During the performance, the saturation parameter of the video channel is linked to the the sound master volume. Gradually, the black disappears and several blocks of pixels emerge, creating abstract forms and colors from the divx compression codec. The performance is made in total darkness. The internet version of the project has been curated by Incident.net for the Monochrome “hors-série” (2007). S. Takahashi & V. Epplay (FR): TRIOS
TRIOS is a sound masterpiece by composer Tristram Cary, originally played with a turntable and a VS3 synthesizer. Samon Takahashi & Vincent Epplay (FR) discovered the piece and performed it in 2006 at the Sonoritiés festival in Montpellier. It was later released on the Artkillart label in December 2007. 19:00-20:00: Pink Twins + Extension du domaine de la lutte Pink Twins (FI)
Pink Twins (musicians and video artists, brothers Juha and Vesa Vehviläinen from Helsinki, Finland) build a tissue of connections between their sound work and their visual work, attempting to intimately join mundane fragments usually disjoint. They work from fragments of images, sounds and sensations which our daily life is subjected to in order to break them down into small particles and reunite them once again in audacious constructions formed from chaos, pulverising and rendering them abstract, according to a unified artistic sensitivity. Their concerts are surprising chromatic combinations with strong sonic collusions which correspond to a deep need, with nothing superfluous. Active since 1997, Pink Twins have played their music to audiences in Europe and Asia, in festivals, art spaces, clubs, churches and outdoor events, and displayed their video works on all continents. Extension du domaine de la lutte (Portugal/Ireland)
"This audiovisual performance is the essence of anti-dj and anti-vj outrage against present self-absorbed counterculture, which has sold out all the ideals that belonged to prior countercultures, exchanging them to conformism, false individuality, cultural capital." - - - - - koneveljet_bandi_kuva2_6201 :: Sunday 5 April, 17:00-19:00
:: Video Jack: Master and Margarita + Koneveljet with VJ Finland
:: Kiasma Theatre - Ticket: 10 e 17:00-18:00: Video Jack (FI) - Master and Margarita
Master and Margarita is an audio-visual adaptation of Michail Bulgakov’s masterpiece with the same name. Video Jack (André Carrilho and Nuno Correia) are presenting it as a audio-visual performance. The visual style of Video Jack’s “Master and Margarita” brings together a graphical collage of photographic and drawn elements into interactive animations, with a strong influence of Soviet-period imagery. The surreal, almost demential, universe of Bulgakov is captured graphically. In sonic terms, the references are Igor Stravinsky, Kurt Weil, Can, Einstürzende Neubauten, Pan Sonic and Vladislav Delay. 18:00-19:00: Koneveljet with VJ Finland collective (FI)
www.myspace.com/koneveljetband + www.vjfinland.fi
Koneveljet will be performing with four VJ acts: RajatonVimma (RandomDoctors, VJFinland),
Valokuilu (VJFinland), Xploitec (GVJ, VJFinland, eye-con) and Klaustrofobia (VJFinland). This collaboration between Koneveljet and VJ Finland will result in a DVD release based on the documentation of the Kiasma Theatre performance. Koneveljet was formed in 1996 by Oiva, Aito and Varma Koneveli. In the UK and Germany Koneveljet were very well received after releasing their debut single Man On The Moon (1998). They got good support from DJs like Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tune), Robin Rimbaud, Steve Lawler (Cream), Layo (The End) and Michael Reinboth (Compost). Koneveljet is definitely a group to experience on live gigs and not least because of the visual dimension on many of their performances. With the help of various pieces of equipment, they create an hi-tech live sound that amusingly sounds as if it is coming straight from a cd. Their lively improvisation on stage has flourished from their interest to jazz music. All tracks are open for modifying in realtime and you never know what comes next. Live improvisation contributes also to the composing of the material as some elements find their places on stage and finally their way to the albums. - - - - - Also check out the Pixelache09 satellite event:
HELOW 09 - Helsinki Low Frequency Weekend
3-4 April 2009
Suvilahden Voimala, Helsinki Pixelache is collaborating with VJ Finland, Basso and Renegade to organise HELOW09, a festival of electronic music and VJ culture. Six internationally recognized artists of the electronic music scene and fifteen vj groups from six different countries arrive in Helsinki to perform during the weekend in HELOW 2009 -event in Voimala, Suvilahti. Featuring music acts Chase & Status (UK), Sub Focus (UK), Benga (UK), Jack Beats (UK), N-Type (UK) Rico Tubbs (FI), Tes La Rok (FI), Boner Brigade (FI), Dead-O (FI), Desto (FI), Muffler (FI), LAOS (FI), Burma (FI) and VJs acts VideoJack (PT), Propaganda (EE), Bleebhop (LV), Amoamiamo (CT), Vidiots (SE), Same Same (DK), Andrei (FI), Harmaa/Beige (FI), Klaustrofobia (FI), Valokuilu (FI), Alienkiller (FI), VisualSysteemi (FI), Random Doctors (FI) and Xploitec (FI). Notice - HELOW09 is a Pixelache09 satellite event with a separate ticket! (Pixelache09 festival pass will not give you access). - - - - -