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VIDEO DOCUMENTATION 2009 'Alternative Economy Cultures' Documentations (video, audio, other material):
http://2009.pixelache.ac/alternative-economy-cultures-documentations/ Pixelache on Vimeo:
* http://www.vimeo.com/pixelachehel
* http://www.vimeo.com/pixelache PHOTOS PIXELACHE 2009 *More photos in Flickr with tags pixelache + pixelache09
*Also see photo sets by Antti Ahonen, Miska Knapek, Ville Hyvönen Expedition to the Total Eclipse Signals from the South Pixelache Software of the Year 2009: Animata Alternative Economy Cultures Digital Craftsmanship Spaceship Earth (Art-Science-Ecology) Audiovisual Hacking Artkillart Live Video Lab