Live Video Lab

Live Video Lab features a range of audiovisual performances, club nights and presentations. The laboratory nature of the program is aiming at encouraging discussions about the current state of live visuals. Stemming from a variety of historical trajectories of visual culture, with traces for example from visual music, video art, experimental cinema and with close links to club culture and different electronic subcultures such as demo scene and remix culture, VJ culture / live visuals / performance video has become more established as a form of artistic expression and increasingly also as a profession for people from variety of backgrounds.

The program consists of performances in Kiasma Theatre, presentations and several club nights. Pixelache is collaborating with the VJ Finland community in creating the VJ program for the Helsinki Low Freqency Weekend, HELOW 09 event.

Pixelache 09 live video lab participants :

  • VideoJack (PT+FI) 
  • Pussykrew & Stigingeoy (PL+IR)
  • VJ Samesame (DK)
  • Bleephop (LV)
  • Amoamiamo (CT)
  • Propaganda (EE)
  • Erection Duck (EE)
  • VJ Union (SE)
  • Vidiots (SE)
  • Alienkiller (FI)
  • Visual Systeemi (FI)
  • Random Doctors (FI)
  • Xploitec (FI)
  • Andrei (FI)
  • Harmaa/Beige (FI)
  • Klaustrofobia (FI)
  • Valokuilu (FI)
  • Shogun Kunitoki (FI)
  • Ona Kamu / Matala (FI)
  • Koneveljet (FI)
  • Pink Twins (FI)

Live animation / live video performance software tools:

  • Animata by Kitchen Budapest has been chosen as Pixelache Software of the Year
  • Liina Nilsson (SE) will present her live video performance instrument (work-in-progress)