.signals from the south

Gonawindua / Kogui village Signals from the South is an annual showcase of projects from ‘the South’ (South America, Africa, Asia). This year's exhibition features work by Venzha Christ / Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory (Indonesia), Geraldine Juárez (Mexico), Annemie Maes (Belgium) and Vanessa Gocksch & Juan Carlos Pellegrino (Colombia). Events: Signals from the South exhibition in MUU Gallery will have an opening on 12 March, 7 pm. Featuring a presentation by Vanessa Gocksch (Colombia). Signals from the South seminar will take place on Sunday 5 April (time to be confirmed) in Kiasma Seminar room. Featuring presentations by Venzha Christ (Indonesia), Geraldine Juárez (Mexico) and Annemie Maes (Belgium). More information about the artworks and artists: Signals from the South exhibition