Lipstick traces

Lipstick traces

Lipstick Traces is an interactive installation composed of two screens and a Touch Pad. It is an interactive movie work, where the spectator’s touch generates algorithmic drawings, directing the film.

The installation is based on two screens put side by side, interracting one with another through the touch of the spectator. On one screen an algorithmic drawing is created in real time by both the spectator and the program. As the handling creates new figures, it reprograms the film, and the audioelements, seen on the other screen and becomes sort of witness, the incarnation of the conversation between the performer and the program. This object, influenced by the movements of the relation, becomes one of the characters of the movie, perhaps even a narrator influencing our vision of the story.

Lipstick Traces proposes an experimental tool for what we used to call « interactive cinema ». It explores the capability of a graphic interface to build cinematic narratives in an interactive situation and interrogates the place these different elements take in the interactive cinema, by transforming the interactive graphics into one of the main characters of the film, meanwhile the manipulation of the object becomes an aesthetic experience.

Jean-Michel Géridan is born in 1977. He is living in Paris, France. He is artist

and researcher in the Laboratory of Interactive Aesthetics (Labei, Paris 8 University). He teaches aesthetics of new medias in the Paris 8 University, and the Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA).

Mariina Bakic is finnish-serbian, Paris-based artist and researcher, exploring fields of esthetics of interactivity. Mariina focuses on linguistic figures through interactive cinema and playful interfaces, connecting musical, visual and communicating languages. Mariina is doctorating in Paris 8 university, and also plays in Peerspex, an electro-hiphop band, with Jean-Michel Géridan.

See also Peerspex (Mariina Bakic & Jean-Michel Géridan) concert at PixelACHE Club on Saturday 16th April.