Python for series 60 devices

This workshop provides you a practical introduction on how to program your own mobile application by writing simple python scripts that run on the phone. E.g. making your own Mobile Blogger takes 20 lines of code (incl. picture and text upload). Python for series 60 platform is very useful for creating prototype applications and making proof of concept. For Artists and Designers in the field of new Media, this provides an easy way of starting to do your own “stuff” and be creative with it. E.g. applications that use SMS messaging, HTTP, FTP, Cell-ID, Bluetooth, XML, text input fields and dialog notes, menus, listboxes, forms etc.

Besides a “hands-on” programming session, the workshop includes a demo session with a variety of applications that demonstrate the power and limitations as well as the potential use, that python for series 60 provides for artistic purposes and New Media projects. The Workshop aims to inspire people to generate new ideas and to open up the field on how we can use the mobile in the future, especially for interaction between people, people and objects. Demos include e.g.: Collaborative tools, interaction with large screens, Connect and communicate via Bluetooth with devices like PC, GPS device, Upload/download files to/from the net (HTTP, FTP, ... - picture, video, text, ...)

For whom is this Workshop?

Everyone who has interest in making “fast” prototypes of mobile applications. Even if you have never had anything to do with Python, but have some understanding of programming principles or have done some script writing e.g. with PHP or Director etc., you will quickly be able to start making own little mobile applications with Python scripts that work and can be hands-on tested with the phone.

Equipment needed

Laptop with Bluetooth, Text editor, No Software, No other Hardware.
If you have a Nokia 6600 or Nokia 6630 or Nokia N-Gage QD, then bring it along.
A whole bunch of Phones will be provided for the Hands-on session.

The workshop is held by Jürgen Scheible, a music and video artist and engineer. He is currently a Doctoral student at the Media Lab of University of Art and Design, Helsinki, running the Mobile Hub, a prototyping environment for Mobile technology related projects.

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