Programme 2012

Aims & Objectives

Please consult our aims & objectives for 2012


Currently offline.

Cluster themes

The following cluster themes are named as where content is defined and determined with association members, local experts, partners and participants in the process:

>> Trashlab / Renewable Festivals Do-it-ourselves energy, low-carbon, sustainability & holistic change 

>> Virtuality, Social Identity and Augmented Reality Digital tools, interfaces between public/private, personal/social & real/virtual

>> Open Design, Crafts and Manufacturing Mobilising around ‘open design’ protocols and resources 

>> Creative Neighbourhood Skills Engaging communities and neighbourhoods, aswell as considering the economics involved 

>>Ecosystem and Environmental monitoring Sensors, gathering ecological data, participatory science, and local activities

Gulf of Finland / Finland + NW Russia + Estonia Multi- / trans- disciplinary capacity building around common/Commons issues


If you are interested to get involved, give feedback, or suggest partners in the Gulf of Finland/Eastern Baltic Sea region, please write to coordinator Andrew Paterson (andrew [at] with your comments.