From the beginning, Pixelache Helsinki Festival has featured workshops and skill-sharing as a core part of its production. Since 2006, educational events have also taken place at other times outside the Festival week. In particular during 2008, a 'Pixelache University’ theme informed that year’s festival activity and events which stretched over the year. Hence onwards, the ongoing programme took on the portmanteau name 'Pixelversity', with an inclusive and adaptive approach thoughout the year. In 2009 there was an experimental 'curated pedagogy' event called PixelIST that took place in Istanbul as part of the Pixelache Network development, coordinated by Finnish curator Aura Seikkula and artist-organiser Andrew Gryf Paterson, in collaboration with the then artist-lecturer Ahmet Atif Akin, Visual Communications Department of Bilgi University, Turkey.
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