Programme 2010

This programme (in reverse order below) developed over the year in an adhoc and inclusive way. AUTUMN 2010 PROGRAMME


Date: 30 November 2010, 16:30 Location: Media Lab Helsinki / Aalto University Organisers: Aalto Media Factory and Pixelache Helsinki Benjamin Maus has done several internationally acclaimed media art projects such as ‘Extracts of Local Distances’, a computational photography project where architectural images are analyzed and recomposed to form images with new perspectives; and Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus, which is a drawing machine illustrating a never-ending story by the use of patent drawings. The presentation is about several of his projects, including ‘Extracts of Local Distances’, a collaboration between Frederic Gmeiner, Torsten Posselt and Benjamin Maus. >> More information - - - - - -


Date: 24-26 November 2010 Location: Ptarmigan, Nilsiänkatu 10 (Vallila, Helsinki) Organisers: Cristiano Rosa (Brazil), Association of Experimental Electronics (FI), Ptarmigan (FI), Pixelache Helsinki Christiano Rosa will give a workshop on hardware hacking and circuit bending. Through the technique of circuit bending we can create our own audiovisual instruments. Using toys, broken electronics, recycled electronic parts you can create a lot of new sounds and images. Bring your electronic device, like as: old toys, casio keyboards, guitar effects, radios, walkie-talkie, security cam, video mixer, assorted recycled electronic parts. >> More information - - - - - -


Date: During September + October 2010 Location: Pixelache office, Cable Factory (Tallberginkatu 1 C, 4th floor) Presentations by three prominent international curators: Anne Roquigny, Susanne Jaschko and Sabine Himmelsbach. >> More information - - - - - - SPRING 2010 PROGRAMME


Date: 23-24 January 2010 Location: Ptarmigan, Nilsiänkatu 10 (Vallila) Organisers: Association of Experimental Electronics (FI), Taavet Jansen & Maike Lond (EE) In the art and theatre worlds in general, the environmental impact of the use of various technologies is rarely talked about. The workshop will explore ways of using the production of energy as part of making art and performing, for instance engaging the audience to make an effort and being physically part of the energy-creation cycle. The results of the workshop will be presented during Pixelache Festival 2010. >> More information


Date: 20-21 February 2010 Location: Kiasma 'taka-ikkuna' (window next to theatre on ground floor) Organisers: Mikko Laajola (FI), Andrew Gryf Paterson (SCO/FI), Niko Punin (FI), Ulla Taipale (FI/ES) A group of Finnish makers and artist-producers will create a localised manifestation of the Windowfarms Project in the Kiasma 'taka-ikkuna' site in advance of Pixelache Helsinki Festival. The project will be installed on 20-21.2, and be exhibited/growing in the 'taka-ikkuna' for 1 month between 22.2-28.3.2010, with the aim to grow 81 plants in total, to be harvested for herbologies workshops. The selection of plants are curated by artists and botanists. >> More information

Neanderthal Electronics workshop

Date: 13-15 March 2010 Location: Ptarmigan, Nilsiänkatu 10 (Vallila) Organisers: Derek Holzer (US/NL) and Association of Experimental Electronics (FI) Max. number of participants: 20 Links: Derek Holzer, Association of Experimental Electronics More than 40,000 years ago, our Neanderthal predecessors invented the first music instruments from simple objects around them (bones and stones, sticks and skins...), without reference to any existing music history, and primarily for their own pleasure rather than that of others. >> More information

Pixelache Helsinki 2010 festival workshops

You will need a Pixelache Helsinki 2010 festival pass in order to participate these workshops (except the Let's Make Noise, Let's Play Together sounds workshop for kids). You will also need to sign up in advance to workshops, sign-up forms can be found on each of the workshops' pages: >> Invisible Cities workshop >> Herbologies workshops in Kaisaniemi Botanic Gardens >> Vivoarts workshop by Adam Zaretsky >> Let's Make Noise, Let's Play Together sound workshop for kids Open Hardware workshops (registration in advance not required)