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Looking back at Camp Pixelache 2012

Camp Pixelache 2012 took place 11 & 12 May at Arbis, where over 100 guests enjoyed the event's laid back atmosphere combined with intense presentations & discussions.

Saturday 12 May begun with the scheduling of the day by the participants. In between the different open sessions which they also facilitated, Marc Garrett, Jennifer Gabrys, Pedro Soler and Owen Kelly gave plenary presentations under their respective topics. In the course of day over 40 individual presentations took place, accompanied by vivid discussions.


Later in the evening, the audiovisual installation Prometheus by Dennis Tan and Sebastian Ziegler led us from Arbis to Dubrovnik, where Pixelache Club took place, featuring acts by Wurm and DJ Ardelicious.

Online video clips are available at Pixelache channel in Vimeo and there are already a lot of photos on Flickr with tag 'Pixelache 2012'. Guests are welcome to upload notes, slides & other miscellaneous materials here.

For those who want to refresh their memory about the presentations, the etherpads are still online:
Main theme ‘Do-It-With-Others
Sub-theme 1:  ‘Creative Neighbourhood Skills
Sub-theme 2: 'The Art of Gathering Environmental Data'
Sub-theme 3: ‘Virtuality, Social Identity and Augmented Reality

Several guests have also reported about the festival and its themes in their blogs, including Vinay GuptaKristen Baumlier, Saara Hannula,  Iranzu Guijarro,  Vika Ilyushkina and  Dmitry Golyno.


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