Camp Pixelache 2012

Who was there?

11 — 12 May 2012, Helsinki, Finland
  1. Romain Papion FR
  2. Sandris Murcins LV
  3. Jacob Sikker Remin DK
  4. Lili Badawi DK
  5. Christian Nold
  6. Marge Paas EE
  7. Nathalie Fougeras SE/FR
  8. Olivier Heinry FR
  9. Kristen Baumlier-Faber US
  10. Daina Silnia LV
  11. Matti Pöyry Finnish
  12. Roland Pretz DE
  13. Maria Koldobskaya RU
  14. Antti Jauhiainen FIN See bio
    Founder of Parecon Finland, student of behavioural studies at the University of Helsinki. Interested in economic democracy, pedagogy of the oppressed and participatory society.
  15. Agnese Baranova LV
  16. Lilia Voronkova RU
  17. Judith Meijer NL/DE
  18. Victoria Ilyushkina RU
  19. Katia Uspenskaya RU
  20. Yulia Nikiforova RU
  21. Elena Bykovskaya RU
  22. Oleg Pachenov RU
  23. Dmitry Golynko RU
  24. Pavel Smolnikov RU
  25. Sergey Silnov RU
  26. Marcis Rubenis LV
  27. Andreas Wagner EE
  28. Jan Pankovets EE
  29. Signe Pucena LV
  30. Ugis Pucens LV
  31. Susanne Jaschko DE
  32. Ditte Hegelund DK
  33. Jaagup Jalakas EE
  34. Nathalie Aubret See bio
    Coordinator, Pixelache Helsinki
  35. Kati Hurme Finland See bio
    Information officer, Pixelache Helsinki
  36. Ville MJ Hyvönen kongo
  37. Tuomo Tammenpää Finland See bio
    Tuomo Tammenpää, has a background in visual arts and design. He works as a media artist and designer in Finland sharing his time between practice-based research and development, art productions and commercial design work at concept agency YATTA. After fifteen years of work with interactive installations and screen based design he has focused his work on exploring the potential of physical and ubiquitous computing and tangible media. He has been exhibiting awarded interactive media installations in Scandinavia, Europe, North-America and in Asia. Tammenpää is a member of Pixelache -festival, M.A.R.I.N. -association, Finnish Media Art Network, Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland Grafia and SIGCHI/ACM.
  38. Vinay Gupta UK
  39. Marc Garrett UK
  40. Jennifer Gabrys UK
  41. Pedro Soler Spain
  42. Owen Kelly
  43. Mike Bradshaw
  44. Antti Kojo
  45. Andrew Paterson FI
  46. John W. Fail US / Finland / Estonia See bio
    I spend most of my time on Ptarmigan, a trans-disciplinary project platform in both Tallinn and Helsinki. My own work, when there\'s time, is rooted in a weird intersection of experimental collaborative forms, usually incorporating music and sound improvisation, bizarre performative deconstructions, and text/language. In a past life i\'ve released some LPs of both my own music (solo and in Lied Music) and others (on my label Cenotaph). Nowadays, beyond Ptarmigan, I assist with the Tiib space, run an English-language 2ndhand bookshop (Slothrop\'s), and help out with Pixelache too. Plus other things.
  47. Krisjanis Rijnieks Latvia See bio
    New Media enthusiast, student
  48. Forrest Oliphant USA See bio
    Working on this framework for hackable web apps:
  49. Mari Keski-Korsu
  50. Soile Ollikainen See bio
    The Live Herring workgroup’s intention is to promote audio-visual and media culture and media art and to provide opportunities for the general public to access to media art and culture, especially within the region of Central Finland. Live Herring works at the moment as a Regional Artist of film and media culture in Arts Council of Central Finland.
  51. Mikko Laajola Finland See bio
    Pixelache board member, organiser
  52. Rehab Hazgui Tunisia
  53. Mikko Lipiäinen Ladonia (bending)
  54. Luis Fernando Medina Cardona
  55. Jara Rocha ES
  56. Corné Driesprong
  57. Eliana Runner
  58. Irīna Špičaka LV
  59. Anne Rölz
  60. Kimmo Modig FInland
  61. Erich Berger
  62. Jenna Sutela FInland
  63. Dennis Tan
  64. Sebastian Ziegler
  65. Miikka Ahlman
  66. Heidi Lind
  67. Kevin Bartoli FR
  68. Jodie Baltazar PL
  69. Mathieu Marguerin FR
  70. Leea Parhiala FInland
  71. Gisle Froysland NO
  72. Mikhail Vink RUSSIA
  73. Eero af Heurlin Finland
  74. Marko Suovula
  75. laura uusitalo
  76. Hanna Harris FI/UK
  77. Nina Pope UK
  78. Karen Guthrie UK
  79. Sarah Cook UK
  80. Kati Hyyppä FI/NL
  81. ramyah gowrishankar India
  82. Eliana Corredor Colombia
  83. Herkko Labi Estonia See bio
    Producer of the event "Free City" in Tallinn, a newcomer event series focusing on viewing urban space as an open-source playground for interdisciplinary action.
  84. Raquel Renno Brazil See bio
    I´ll be working on a paper about Melliferopolis project in collaboration with Ulla Taipale Aalto University to be presented at Gatherings on Biosemiotics in Tartu, Estonia next July Short bio: Associate Professor - Institute of Arts and Design at UFJF (Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil). Digital art researcher at CNPQ (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, Brazil) in arts, science and technology, member of the International Society for Biosemiotics Studies, Institut Català D´Antropologia (ICA, Barcelona) and the International Center for Info Ethics (ICIE, ZKM, Karlsruhe). Holds a PhD in Communication and Semiotics and was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Photonics Dept. at Mackenzie University, Brazil . Has been working since 2001 in digital art projects with artists from Spain and Finland. Has presented papers and projects at UCSD (University of California, San Diego), Plymouth University, Universidad de Buenos Aires and Sussex University. Currently is part of ZZZINC, a cultural association for cultural innovation and research in Barcelona, Spain and is a consultant for online courses in art, science and technologies at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC, Spain).
  85. Hilla Rudanko Finland
  86. henri hytt
  87. Luis Fernando Medina Cardona Colombia See bio
    Associated professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogota, Colombia). Currently a fellow at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Germany) researching on free software/free culture and collaborative creation topics. Also member of the "trueque digital" (Digital Bartering) collective in Colombia.
  88. rachel kinbar United States