Camp Pixelache 2012

D.I.W.O. Do It With Others

11 — 12 May 2012, Helsinki, Finland

We are organising a more compact edition of Pixelache Helsinki Festival called ‘Camp Pixelache’ during on 11-12 May 2012, based on previous Camp Pixelache experiments. The main venue for the event is Arbis, the Swedish-language adult education centre located close to the Finnish National Museum, in central Helsinki. Camp Pixelache 2012 is designed around one main unconference day on Saturday 12.5, with an overarching theme of “Do It With Others” (D.I.W.O.). How can artists, makers, cultural producers, researchers and activists work collaboratively with  each other and audiences, to create new co-production models for  artefacts/events with sustainability as the core goal?  Within the Arbis venue there will also be demo stalls of various maker, open design, trashlab and hacklab projects.

Several other events will be organised around this main presentation/seminar day, including a keynote opening presentation on the Friday evening before; a club event on the Saturday evening; several professional workshops before and after (‘Hexayurt Sauna Talkoot’ and ‘The Art of Gathering Environmental Data’ Brunch); and lastly a learner-in-residence position for a 1 week period.

Although the Camp day of 12.5. will be organised around the main D.I.W.O. theme, there are also several pre-determined sub-themes. Each has a plenary presentation; of which the speaker will also be the facilitator of other participants’ contribution to the theme