Artist residency

PixelACHE is a part of NIFCA Media AiR international media art residency program. The residency artist for this year is Mukul Patel [UK].

Mukul is in-house sound artist & composer at ambientTV.NET, where he collaborates across media & genres including film, dance and the internet. His work is concerned as much with the transmission of sound as its creation; informed by his background in science and Indian music, it plays along the borders between music and noise, rulebound forms and chance, and technology and tradition.

ambientTV.NET is a crucible for independent, interdisciplinary projects ranging in form from installation through documentary, club culture, dance and gastronomy, to sound and video composition and manipulation. ambientTV.NET continue to develop social and technical infrastructure and promote network architectures that allow explorations of alternatives to current sociopolitical and economic practice. Techniques and effects of live data broadcasting and transmission provide theme, medium, and performative space for many of the works.