Signal | Process & Locative media

signal | process workshop

For artists working with sound technologies ‘signal processing’ is a familiar concept which refers to the ways in which we mechanically or electronically manipulate an audio signal to change the sounds we hear. But how is sound involved in the social processes and signals we send each other in public spaces? And what kinds of signal processing attenuate and amplify the flows of movement and information that emerge in different kinds of public spaces? - physical, municipal, networks and broadcast spaces.

Andrew Paterson (UK/FI), Annika Tudeer (FI), David Knight (UK/FI), Inari Virmakoski (FI), Jodi Rose (AU), John Evans (UK/FI), John Hopkins (IS), Joni Lyytikäinen (FI), Kalle Jarva (FI), Maria Tjader (FI), Marianne Decoster-Taivalkoski (FR/FI), Sirpa Jokinen (FI), Teemu Kivikangas (FI), Tommi Autio (FI)

signal | process is a collaboration between Centre for Music & Technology, MUU Media and PixelACHE Festival.

Locative media workshop

29 March-3 April 2004, Helsinki

Locative media and Located media are new terms used in the context of consumer level digital devices and systems. Both are ways to describe new developments and opportunities offered by advances in both the technologies and methodologies of digital media. Both are divergences from the traditional understanding of networked computing. Instead of thinking of networked computing in terms of making distance irrelevant, of 'online' being a remote and dislocated place, researchers are investigating new forms of social communication and organisation focused people in relative proximity, using localised computing resources.

Locative media workshop will gather together an international group of artists, writers, and researchers with disciplines of expression ranging from textual, aural, digital film, performance, architecture, and contemporary archaeological theory.


Victor Buchli (UK), Izolde Cesniece (LV), John Evans (FI), Alison Gerber (SE), Pete Gomes (UK), Usman Haque (UK), Wilfred Hou Je Bek (NL), Margot Jacobs (SE), Mari Keski-Korsu (FI), Teemu Kivikangas (FI), Sara Kolster (NL), Sophea Lerner (FI), Kiril Panteleev (LV), Andrew Paterson (FI), Mike Pearson (UK), Angela Piccini (UK), Jodi Rose (AU), Ben Russell (UK), Adam Somlai-Fischer (SE), Lotta Svinhufvud (UK), Pall Thayer (IS), Marc Tuters (CA), Ophra Wolf (US)