Landscape sampling & Don't push the button

12:00-13:30 Landscape sampling
14:00-18:00 Don't push the button

Landscape sampling is a series of presentations of PixelACHE projects that are based on sounds and images from urban landscapes. The presented projects are Singing Bridges by Jodi Rose, The Gray Zone : Weathermatrix by CNCD, Kamppi Reconstruction project and a prototype of Skyform project by Enrico Glerean.

Don't push the button is a series of project presentations and a discussion about the future of interactive media and technologies, from games and gadgets to art and architecture. Presented projects include: Scoop by Anna Hiltunen, BrandBody 2.0 by Tuomo Tammenpää, Distributed Projection Structure by aether architects, Thru' and Thru' Piece by Anttu Harlin, Driftwood Gallery by Teemu Kivikangas and Oil Hazard flipper by Teijo Pellinen, Henrik Niinimäki and Mikko Lindholm. The discussion also contains presentation What is participation? by Andreas Nordwall.