Kick ass Kung-Fu game demonstration

Show us your Kung-Fu! Experience bullet time mid-air acrobatics in a game created by /dev/null Research. No wires or post-production needed - you are taken inside the game with real-time computer vision technology.

Kick Ass Kung-Fu is a game installation that lets you engage physically in movie-style martial arts. We strive to make you sweat and gasp for breath - to make playing a computer game a physical, visual performance close to dance or gymnastics. Using custom computer vision technology, you are taken inside the artificial reality of the game, where the normal laws of physics no more apply.

The authors of the game will be present for demonstrations and discussion. You might also get a glimpse of some pros showing their skills.

Kick Ass Kung-Fu is a project by
Perttu Hämäläinen [FI], Mikko Lindholm [FI] and Ari Nykänen [FI]