Creative Coding for Live Visuals

Creative Coding is rapidly becoming a very popular topic all around the world. It involves the creation of high-tech interactive digital artworks by using open-source as well as affordable commercial tools and hardware that was not available before. The creative coding philosophy is also about how to make programming and computer technology more accessible to artists and designers, thus allowing to create artworks and design prototypes faster, cheaper and with less effort than before.

Live visuals is an interpretation of audiovisual performance, which usually involves artists who play their visual material in real-time. In the context of Creative Coding for Live Visuals to become a live performer, you do need to have skills in creative coding and live performance, which means that you have to be engaged to the environment that allows you to manipulate with your created applications in real-time. A good connection with sound artist is usually strongly involved.

Creative Coding for Live Visuals is an attempt to extract the specific parts from the world of creative coding and live visuals that are required to make them work together in a form of real-time audiovisual performance.

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