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Sign-up for Cultural Coding Workshop on Vartiosaari 29-30.5 !

In this workshop organised in connection with Camp Pixelache 2014 and in collaboration with the Reality Research Centre, you will learn the basics of Cultural Coding. It is a new form for expressing actions and interactions. Rather than using the traditional sentences and paragraphs, it creates small “programs” or “applications” for human interpretation. Being meant for humans, it is rather different from computer code, combining the best features of both expressions: The deep interpretation of human language, and the variety of structures offered by programming. The aim of the workshop is not merely to develop the code, but also to utilize the possibilities it opens. With such code, we have the possibility to create detailed actions like fiction, share and combine them with others. Think of an open source cultural library that functions like a programming library, directly supporting the creation of new forms – that’s the ultimate target. But before we get there, we concentrate on the beginnings. During the two days of the workshop, you’ll will gain a basic understanding of the coding styles currently under development, and test out different interactions created by the code. You’ll also get to create a code of your very own, and see what others can do with your code.

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