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Reminder: Poll for Keynote speaker at Pixelache Festival 2013

Following last year's experiment in collective decision-making related to Pixelache Festival keynote speaker, we continue again this year opening the process a bit wider. Next year's festival has the Facing North - Facing South theme, and several focuses in around-the-year Pixelversity programme, for example 'Waste/d', 'Experience & Knowledge-sharing', 'Techno-ecologies'..

Nominations for keynote speakers were asked from Pixelache's association membership, expert board, network and Estonian friends-collaborators of the past year. There is currently a range of nominations from differnt backgrounds. During our Pikkujoulu event we try to narrow the selection down.

We welcome feedback, thoughts & votes (can be more than 1 choice) whom interests you before evening 12.12. at 19.00 +2 GMT

>> Vote here ideally adding an identifying name

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