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the #beauty of human #decomposition in #Japanese #watercolor
Great interview with McGuane! Makes me want to check out the new one,,,,
I just started following Recursive Arts on Vimeo:
RT @silpol: Stop the Nuclear power plant in #Pyhäjoki built by #Fennovoima. ping @real_mkk
I liked a @YouTube video Jessy Lanza - Kathy Lee
'It's very dangerous to challenge a system unless yr completely at peace with the thought that yr not going to miss it if it collapses'
I updated the README on the ptarmigan CMS code if anyone cares.
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Loving kindness comes in a size of a small house #animalcommunication
@ldezem Ehkä kandee harjoitella tyhjässä maneesissa. Tai njääh, miksi kaiken nyt pitäisi olla aina niin konttauskypärä.
@ldezem Hyvä hyvä ja hienoa! :)
@ldezem Hei oletko tässä mukana? Jos et, eikö pitäs?
This take on 'The Jinx' from the New Yorker sums up my feelings exactly.
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The one thing in this universe I am truly great at is - I have never lost.
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Never mind, figured that one out quickly.
This is my 2854th tweet. I wonder what I have done more in my life: tweeted or masturbated.