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An Intelligence Vet Explains ISIS, Yemen, and "the Dick Cheney of Iraq"
Looking for design impact. Result: one free app for product designers @MarkEvans #ead11 #EAD2015
Miten saunavihta sidotaan? Taidot kiertoon #Kallio'ssa! Ehdota aihetta #Taitopiiri'in 1.5 mennessä! #kirjasto
RT @AccessSpace: Coming in May! @DoItAnyway2015 First UK @pixelache network European Digital Arts Festival @AccessSpace !…
RT @HelenaMaijala: Tässä #Fennovoima'n teettämää maisematyötä. Hakkuut jatkuu yötä-päivää.
RT @AccessSpace: Coming in May! @DoItAnyway2015 First UK @pixelache network European Digital Arts Festival @AccessSpace !…
Sauna-aiheiselle luennolle tänään! #vihdonta
Brain Regions Responsible for Empathy Mapped by Researchers via @physorg_com
The Power of Habit Summary -
Democracy is the mother of the commons @charlietims. Great AV presentation. Thanks! #ReclaimTheCommons #17Zemos98
RT @platoniq: No te pierdas el #17ZEMOS98! Programa completo, aquí #commons @ECF_tweets @zemos98…
During 3 days we will be in a Hackcamp in Sevilla, caring for the commons. Join us! #openvideo4thecommons #reclaimthecommons #17zemos98
@iA the right one, followed by the left one. Both beat the standard menu IMO
Happy to be part of the team again at @supermarketart where I just arrived. Lovely new venue; lovely people as always.
RT @postgrowth: "Overpopulation, overconsumption – in pictures " #postgrowth #degrowth cc @postcarbon…
RT @ori_no_co: First Hologram Protest in History Held Against #Spain's Gag Law - video via @newsrevo…
I liked a @YouTube video Omar Souleyman In Syrien Arabisch Dabke 2014
Call for participation: Camp Breakdown Break Down 5. -15.7.2015 in SSW, Lumsden, Scotland
Valaat kehottivat intiaaniheimoa muuttamaan – heimo kääntyi suomalaisten puoleen #animalcommunication
I liked a @YouTube video Wisp - Katabatic [EP]
Mad Men SOILERS: Don Draper poops his pants
@LJ I'm not a Twin Peaks hater, but it's not a tenth as good as people make it out to be. sure, 'for it's time'....
Top of the Lake > Fortitude > True Detective > Twin Peaks
I liked a @YouTube video J Dilla Two Can Win Tribute
I just started following Michihito Mizutani on Vimeo: