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DroneOn was a huge influence on me. Anyone have archives anywhere?
RT @g_jareta: "Berlim tem o primeiro supermercado sem embalagem do mundo" Sim, é tudo a granel, igual a qualquer quitanda em Pirajuí desde…
#Discovery of a day: Planets by Momoko Seto. Planet A is here
@jyrkikarttunen Gee! Ketkä?!?
@jyrkikarttunen Hehheh joo, joillekin vanhuksillekin voisi järjestää samannimiset billeet;)
@jyrkikarttunen Miten johonkin ikäryhmään viitataan sen perusteella mitä niillä on housuissa? Onko reiskaa?
RT @poemproducer: @real_mkk yes don't believe it! nerds with peace agendas in all countries: unite!
RT @poemproducer: Happy International Working Women's Day ! Women at work @femalepressure peace, love, diversity & …
@poemproducer You're so lucky. My upbringing tried to convince there's women's work. My luck is I didn' believe it :)
RT @OccupyWallStNYC: .@itsbl0ndie Actually men run the world on #InternationalWomensDay and every day.
RT @_Nxdin: Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the women that are the driving force and the front lines of every revolution.…
RT @catjohnson: Think sharing seeds with your neighbors should be legal? Sign the Save Seed Sharing petition: @Share…
19 llamas (and alpacas!) you can't even believe are real @PaiviLaFuente
#Cosmological #Perspectivism in #Amazonia and #Elsewhere
I just liked "Inter-format Symposium 2014 "On Flux of Sand and Aquatic Ecosystems"" on Vimeo:
RT @GT_Initiative: "A caring economy is labor-intensive precisely because human labor is what gives care its value."
RT @GreenpeaceSuomi: Nyt polkaistaan käyntiin #energiaremontti koko Suomessa! Oletko mukana? ⊕…
RT @karoliinauvinen: Katso 5 tapaa, joilla energiaremontti luo Suomeen kymmeniä tuhansia työpaikkoja
Mapping the global battle to protect our planet
RT @juspar: A lovely review of The Anthrobscene, thanks to @noranahidkhan #Anthropocene #GeologyOfMedia
Today I've got to know a new thing about myself: I'm eligible to apply for work at the scientific institution focussed on nuclear research
Happy 62nd birthday to my mother, who is unfortunately not on Twitter. (yet)
Nordic artists! Hybrid Matters - Open call for artwork productions www.
300 very #useful #tools if you do anything connected to #graphicdesign