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Towards the archive as a metaphor for open-ended knowledge @EceOzdil #nodem2014
devil is in the details: right decision making creates the experience @ruttkay from tech lab #nodem2014
Gamification! by reusing archives materials. A puzzling wedding gives the visitor the role of a detective by Ungarian students #NODEM2014
@tmssji i am back at Arcada on Thursday. You will be mature by lunchtime :)
many of the things you can count. Don’t count. May o the things you can’t count really count. A. Einstein. #NODEM2014
We should not treat the visitor as a consumer, but as a performer. #NODEM2014
it is not the virtual in the real but the real in the virtual that interests the visitors #nodem2014
@cloudmagic You should blog about saving mail as Pocket Informant tasks in iOS8. Its a great & powerful feature for me - & @webis_mobile :)
The first Ello limited edition designer tee shirts are now go. Crowd funding by the side door :) ...
ofxPiMapper 0.2.1: Now supports FBO sources for generative source projection mapping. @Raspberry_Pi @openframeworks
Väkivaltainen etninen jengi riehuu Helsingin kaduilla. #katupartio
I've voted Anita Sarkeesian for the Gaming Personality of the Year - You can do the same here at:
An essay entitled "Who Drives The Car?" for a conference at Arcada about how we make knowledge: Laughter guaranteed.
Is the Guardian the 1st news org to develop the concept of "membership"? Probably the 1st to build a space for them!
RT @adamkotsko: A rough guide to your privilege level: does anger make people take your views more seriously, or less?
Foodycle 2014 2nd day - afternoon panels & discussions on food security live stream #foodycle
RT @pennjillette: Anyone has the right to take all the pictures they want, naked or otherwise and unless they want me to see them, I have n…
Camp Pixelache 2014: Remix the Commons video edited by Maria Candia & Kalle Kuisma #commons
Camp Pixelache 2014 in June hosted the Bio-Commons workshop. First draft of whitepaper by Rüdiger Trojok #biocommons
RT @theipaper: Someone finally fixed that 'victim blaming' NHS rape poster
I submitted a version of my doctoral thesis this morning. I have promised a revised version in 3 weeks, & then I wait to see what happens :)
@orlaghob you are welcome, I hope you enjoyed your time in Berlin fully! See you next time!
RT @Pathfinder: If you want to explore the Metaverse with great ppl, these weekly Hypergrid Safaris are insanely fun.…
RT @BryanAlexander: The bad burger math story here is depressing, if correct:
Finally a full draft of my thesis exists! 10 days revision & then in it goes. Thanks to @ScrivenerApp for the tools!
A business model I support! One thousand friends, a crowdsourced career. I subscribed to @drovics and you should too.
Just read A Successful Git Banching Model by @nvie Git makes even more sense now.