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Architectures for Participation seminar

10.00 -17.00 (with lunch break 11.30-12.30)

Kiasma Seminar Room

Registration in advance necessary

// The Thursday seminar is now fully booked! You can sign up to the waiting list and arrive in the morning to see if there is room... Send an e-mail to office {{{ ät }}} //

Presentations from a wide range of artists, researchers, curators, organisers, entrepreneurs, hackers and activists. Strategies for grassroot organising and diverse perspectives to Web 2.0 buzz.

VJ Jamming Session

18.00 - 20.30

Kiasma Theatre

Free Entrance

A two and a half hours long non-stop cocktail of audiovisual performances, featuring 3 dj’s and about 20 vj’s.

VJs: Bottega Arete (Denmark), VJ Samesame (Denmark), Casper øbro (Denmark), Propaganda (Estonia), Tencu & Miisu (Estonia), *jen (Finland), Kirves (Finland), Random Doktors (Finland), Sabrina Harri & Alex de Ville de Goyet (Finland / Belgium), Teemu K (Finland), Xploitec (Finland), Linards Kulless (Latvia), Rüt Rüt (Lithuania), Vodka Jugend (Lithuania), Video Jack (Portugal), Fetish23 (Sweden), Induction (Sweden), La Noche(Sweden), TVOUT (Sweden)

DJs: Alexcore (Slavic Walkmen), Sami Koivikko (Shitkatapult, Kompakt), Muffler (SighCo / Moving Shadow / Hospital)

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Architecture for Participation: In The Presence of Networks

11.00 – 13.00

Goethe Institut Seminar Room (Mannerheimintie 20 A)

Free Entrance

In the ubiquity of networked media spaces where we distribute our wireless lives, what happens to our creative processes? Presentations by John Hopkins (Remote Presence: Streaming Life Workshop) and Eléonore Hellio (ESP - Extra-Sensorial Perception art collective)

Nordic VJ Meeting – Network Seminar

12.00 – 16.00

Kiasma Seminar Room :: Free Entrance

This seminar focuses on the role of various networks / networking tools & concepts in advancing collaboration and exchange between VJs in the Nordic / Baltic region. Participants: Eye|con (AT), Gabor Kitzinger (HU) and many others.

Two recently published books on VJ culture will also be introduced: vj: audiovisual art + vj culture by D-Fuse will be presented by VJ Anyone and vE-jA will be presented by the editor of the book Xárene Eskander

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Prix Möbius Nordica 2007 presentations

13.00 – 17.00

Kiasma Theatre :: Free Entrance

Presentation of the works of the 2007 finalists of the Interactive Media Culture Competition at a fast paced “Pitching” event.

Pixelache Lounge exhibition presentations

17.00 – 18.00

Kiasma Seminar Room :: Free Entrance

With Placard headphone festival (FR), UVA - Sound Interactives installation (UK), Jodi Rose - Transit Radio Lounge (AU), Gunnar Green - Living Letters + Parasite (DE)

'Faceless' movie premiere

18.00 – 19.00

Kiasma Theatre :: Free Entrance

Premiere of a movie by Manu Luksch ( Experimental film using surveillance camera footage as source material. Duration: 51 minutes

Prix Möbius Nordica 2007 Awards Ceremony

19.00 – 20.30

Kiasma Theatre :: Free Entrance

Short review of the competing works + Awards Ceremony

* *

PikseliAlas Club

21.00 – 02.00

Korjaamo Kulttuuritehdas (Töölönkatu 51 b)

Tickets: 8 eur (free entrance with Festival Pass)

PikseliAlas club is collaboration between Pixelache festival and Alas club. The line-up includes audiovisual sets by electronic music artists and VJs from Nordic region, among them Anders Ilar (SE), Rumpistol + Bottega Arete AV set (DK) and Po’land (FI)…

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'the DIY day'

Nordic VJ Meeting: Generative Art and VJ Software presentations

11.00 -14.00

Kiasma Seminar Room :: Free Entrance

A series of presentations by individuals or groups who have developed their own tools for audiovisual performances, featuring a keynote speech by Marius Watz about generative art.

Participants: Marius Watz (NO) // Generator.x project, Samu Bence & Peter Gyenei (HU) // Animata live animation software, Bertrand Gonduin (FR/SE) // Scramble software, Nuno Correira (PT/FI) // nGrid & B10 softwares, Jaakko Tuosa (FI) // Hamara, Marita Liulia & Jacke Kastelli // creative misuse of Macromedia Director.

Dorkbot Helsinki / Association for Experimental Electronics

14.00 -16.00

Kiasma Seminar Room :: Free Entrance

Dorkbot event network presents 'people doing strange things with electricity'. Dorkbot Helsinki at Pixelache 2007 features experimental instruments and electronics.

Open networks discussion

16.00 -18.00

Kiasma Seminar Room :: Free Entrance

Discussion on open networks, organised by m-cult and PixelACHE, compares experiences of civic and DIY network initiatives which aim to reclaim bandwidth as a shared resource. Participants: Armin Medosch (UK), Petri Krohn (FI), moderated by Minna Tarkka (FI).

Audiovisual performances: @c + Lia (PT/AT) + Värähtelyä! (FI)

18.00 -19.00

Kiasma Theatre

Tickets: 8 eur (free entrance with Festival Pass)

Lia (AT) is well known for her work with abstract generative studies and live visuals. Lia is performing together with Portuguese experimental music group @c. Pixelache also premieres Värähtelyä!, an improvised audiovisual performance by Rinneradio (FI) with special guests Iro Haarla (harp), Aleksi Myllykoski (DJ) and Merja Nieminen (visuals).

Remote Presence: Streaming Life event


MUU Gallery (Lönnrotinkatu 33)

Free Entrance

Live event with global participation following a 10 days workshop reflecting on variety of practical and conceptual topics that address the core issues of remote collaboration.

Basso/ Pixelache Club


Helsinki Club (Yliopistonkatu 8)

Tickets: 10 eur (free entrance with Festival Pass)

The main club event of Pixelache on Saturday is organised in collaboration with Basso. The event features Hexstatic and 4youreye & M-FX (Austria) AV set as well as an eclectic mix of Nordic VJs and Finnish electronic music acts and DJs.

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Audiovisual performances: Vacuum Pattern (sound: kulgurid / visual: tencu & miisu (EE)) + Grains & Pixels (SE)

15.00 -16.00

Kiasma Theatre

Tickets: 8 eur (free entrance with Festival Pass)

Nordic VJ Meeting wrap-up discussion


Kiasma Seminar room :: Free entrance

Audiovisual performances: Kira Kira (Kitchen Motors) featuring Samuli Kosminen, Hilmar Jensson, Alex Somers & Eiríkur Orri (IS)


Kiasma Theatre

Tickets: 8 eur (free entrance with Festival Pass)

Kira Kira (IS) is a founding member of the Icelandic art collective Kitchen Motors. In Helsinki she is performing with four invited guests: Alex Somers on glockenspiel, keyboards and music boxes; percussionist Samuli Kosminen; guitarist Hilmar Jensson; and Mr. Eirikur Olafsson on trumpet, flugelhorn, music box and laptop. The crew will make create brand new visuals for Pixelache festival together with artist Magnús Helgason.

Pixelache 2007 closing club


KokoTeatteri bar (Unioninkatu 45 / Siltavuorenranta)

Free Entrance

With performances by Jugi Kaartinen, TVOut (SE) & Antoine Verhaverbeke (FR) & Richard Widerberg (SE), Jean-Baptiste Bayle / The Billie Jean p2p Collection (FR)

* * *

Also on Sunday 1 April... a trip to Turku!

Digitally Yours' exhibition at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum

Departure: 9:03 (Helsinki railwaystation), arrival in Turku 11:00

Return: 15:00 (Turku railwaystation), arrival in Helsinki 16:57

Send an e-mail to office {{ ät }} if you want to join the trip, we can offer a reduced price for train ticket if you contact us early enough. Otherwise jump on the train on Sunday and join us for a morning coffee in the restaurant car. One of the exhibition curators Andy Best and many of the featured artists will meet us in the museum to present their work.

Digitally Yours' (31 March-13 May 2007) is an exhibition of digital art organised by The Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum and the Arts Council of Southwest Finland. The exhibition features works from Manu Luksch (AT), Åsa Ståhl & Kristina Lindström (SE), Pia Tikka (FI), Christian Nold (UK), Phil Coy (UK), Anita Fontaine (US), Stanza (UK), Beloff & Berger (FI), Juha Huuskonen & Tuomo Tammenpää (FI), Markus Renvall (FI), Soda (UK), Ed Burton (UK) & Zachary Lieberman (US) and Kick Ass Kung-Fu (FI).

"Despite its mundane quality digitality is something that changes people. In this spirit Digitally Yours challenges existing conceptions of art by transforming the character of artworks as well as the roles of artist and spectator. Digitally Yours provides experiences, joy, participation and a great deal to reflect upon for a broad spectrum of audiences. Digitally Yours deals with the inevitable co-existence of people and the digital world. The exhibition maps the changes in life and art in a time that is characterised by the digitalisation of culture. The artists in the exhibition use digital technology, but with a critical attitude."

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