Pixelache Festival 2006

Experiment * Collaborate * Improvise * Enjoy!

30 March — 2 April 2006, Helsinki, Finland


  • Audiovisual performances and concerts in Kiasma Theatre
  • Locative media workshop + mobile arts and experiments
  • Pixelache Club and Pixelache VJ Battle
  • Discussions and presentations: Open hardware and products, Video in Theatre seminar, Protolab project showcases

Pixelache 2006 is proud to premiere three new audiovisual performances: Orbital Glider/Raumgleiter by Scanner (UK), a Finnish version of Grenze (FR) and an environmental project Peurakaira vs Päätehakkuu (FI) . Pixelache 2006 also showcases a new work for mobile phones by Sari Kaasinen (FI) and several ambitious initiatives currently under development – collaborative sound project IMPROVe, open product code initiative Thinglink, game platform TileToy and many more…

Pixelache club events bring you fresh and challenging rhythms from Aelters (FR) + Forss Versus Borg (SE) + Katusea Soundsystem (FI) + many others… Combined with the Pixelache VJ Battle which brings together a grand bunch of 16 VJs from three countries – Hungary, Estonia and Finland. Long live the Finno-Ugrians!

Pixelache 2006 : Experiment * Collaborate * Improvise * Enjoy!