Pixelache 2006 Club


Aelters (FR)


“Aelters is a deserter of the French laptop quartet “Dat Politics”. This means the grooviest deconstruction of pop since granular synthesis! Two hundred sounds per second!

Aelters spends too much of his time on micro-surgical cut up, integrated is own errors, somewhere between DSP & L/R channels. He focuses on an hypnotic tweaked out 16 bits glitchy-funk-distronica “perverted by an infectious” and invigorating joy with some sprinkles of breakcore, poumtsi-mu-zik, non-remix childs song (“las couettes soap”) and his specific moody’soundscapes, “with enough weirdness & clicks to keep both the dancers and the laptop nerds happy”. Who knows on which foot to dance with the aelters music?”

Forss Versus Borg (SE)


Forss Versus Borg delivers extreme beats and soundscapes straight out of a chopped-up world of sampling and recycling. Eric Wahlforss and Carl Åborg just recently moved out of the studio, with the sole purpose to create electronic music that can be performed live, providing more room for improvisation. Together they have been touring since 2004, in diverse places such as Berlin, Johannesburg, Milan, and Novosibirsk. They both release records on Berlin based Sonar Kollektiv.

Katusea Soundsystem (FI)


Katusea is a Helsinki based independent label/collective founded by Ceebrolistics’ RrimöykkPijall, and Matti Pentikäinen with Niclas Kristiansson of Po’land. Katusea stands for experimental electronic music, and all sorts of mishmash around it.

At Pixelache Katusea Soundsystem will be dj’s Rrimöykk and Niclas Kristiansson with a vocalist Mattip. The selection ranges from the stagnant dubby techno stuff, from Monolake to rhythm and sound, to chopped up uk grime and dubstep riddims á la everyone from Autechre to Vex’d.

“the good sound no one else dares to play”

Also including:

  • DJ Messis (FI)
  • DJ Jaagup Jalakas (Plektrum.ee / EST)