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Trashlab Gatherings in Tallinn

There are currently an accumulation of Trashlab events to savour in Tallinn, Estonia. Culture Factory Polymer (Ülase 16/Madara 22) has been hosting a Trashlab workshop "down and dirty in Polymer" since last week, taking advantage of much space and junk to meet a house challenge: a hot water bath with low electricity usage.

Finnish artists & makers Mikko Laajola, Albert Laine, Jukka Hautamäki, Sara Milazzo, Antti Ahonen join their Estonian-based peers Ernest Truely & Justin Tyler Tate in the process, which culminates in the REUSE exhibition opening on Thursday 23rd March at 17.00, displaying works made from waste & recycled materials. That evening Koelse will make a performance for the opening (there will also be a Global Container performance art event on the same night).

Furthermore, RÖNK Club for Applied Ecology who are also based in Polymer, organise next week papier-mache furniture-making workshop on 18, 21 & 25th March.

In addition to these events at Polymer, Justin Tyler Tate hosts a Fake It Til You Make It workshop with a 'renewable festival' theme at Ptarmigan on 19. March. If you are interested, do register before the Monday!

Lastly, just past, special guests of Talking Trash(lab) lecture series, Harmen Zijp & Diana Wildschut from Amersfoort, Netherlands, inspired with their grassroots approach to a sustainable world, with talks in both Tallinn and Helsinki (15.3. at Von Krahl, 16.3. at Aalto Media Factory respectively). They are part of an artist-collective called de Spullenmannen, which are involved in several excellent initiatives: FabLab Amersfoort, based on grassroots & open-source principles, integrated together with their TransitieLab, as part the global transition movement. Download their presentation slides [.pdf 9.3 MB]





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* Image credit: Mikko Laajola, image of rocket stove made with Justin Tyler Tate & Ernest Truely.