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Talking Trash(lab) Lecture: Peter Kuria Githinji (SHALIN Suomi ry)

Pixelversity's Talking Trash(lab) lecture series continues on 7th June from 17.30 when Peter Kuria Githinji from Shalin Finland talks about ”Using absurd ideas to co-create - Addressing an ecosystems challenge through technology.”

The idea of co

However, how do you design for this fragmented market that is unpredictable and yet very vibrant?  Is there a contradiction in the thinking, when the BOP is depicted as desperate, resource rich and poor at the same time? When do absurd ideas count? When do the natural resources become a valued asset to the market?

Photo: Tends in energy efficiency: Brickets made from charcoal dust and soil as fuel for cooking?

Talking Trash(lab) lecture on Thursday June 7 17:30 at Aalto Media Factory, Hämeentie 135 A, Helsinki

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