Talking Trash(lab) Lecture: Peter Kuria Githinji

Pixelversity's Talking Trash(lab) lecture series continues on 7th June from 17.30 when Peter Kuria Githinji from Shalin Finland talks about ”Using absurd ideas to co-create - Addressing an ecosystems challenge through technology.”

However, how do you design for this fragmented market that is unpredictable and yet very vibrant?  Is there a contradiction in the thinking, when the BOP is depicted as desperate, resource rich and poor at the same time? When do absurd ideas count? When do the natural resources become a valued asset to the market?

Photo: Tends in energy efficiency: Brickets made from charcoal dust and soil as fuel for cooking?

Talking Trash(lab) lecture on Thursday June 7 17:30 at Aalto Media Factory, Hämeentie 135 A, Helsinki