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Seungho Lee as micro-resident in Pixelache office 18-22.2.

Seungho Lee is the first micro-resident of 2013 in Pixelache office from 18-22.2. to consider and discuss the Food-info-activism theme of Pixelversity 2013 programme, from the perspective of strategic design and policy intervention.

Seungho Lee (KR/FI) is a strategic designer, lecturer and design researcher working and residing in Helsinki. He initiated Beef Finland project in 2012 in which he investigated the ramifications of beef-eating at a global scale, as well as in Finnish context, on which he has given talks in Helsinki, New York, and Shanghai. He currently teaches at Aalto University, where he is a doctoral candidate and member of NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group.

We hope to imagine future collaborations together during that period, and if you are interested to visit our office that week for conversation, contact andrew [-at-] & visit the page about his micro-residency which will develop during the period.

Image credit: Beef in Finland 2012 (full poster pdf accessible from here)

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