Self-organisation strategies

Related to Pixelache 2008 grassroot theme day (Sunday 16 March), we have sent this questionnaire to a few organisations / networks / communities connected to this year's Pixelache festival:


> What are the aims of the project you are involved in?
> How is the project organised?
> How do you support the work financially and what impact does this have on your project?
> What do you feel you have achieved, and what are the problems you face?
> Are there any past projects/models which have inspired you?
> What are your hopes for the future?


These same questions were asked by Martha Wallner and Will Bradley in the book 'Self-Organisation/ Counter-economic Strategies' from following US based organisations: Indymedia, Free Speech Radio News, Electronic Intifada, Other Cinema (and A.T.A. Gallery) and Temporary Services. See what these organisations answered. Pixelache will publish answers from Dorkbot, Boxwars and a few others...


Meanwhile in Paris, our friends are organising the Economie 0 event this weekend, a 48h non-stop event focusing on the relationship of art and economy, and strategies of how one can operate outside the economic system. Some of the organisers of this event will be coming to Helsinki with their Antidatamining project.


A bit more details in French: Economie 0 est un hors-série Upgrade! organisé par Incident qui rassemble 500m2 d'installations, 48h de conférences, 3 ateliers, un Noplacard (48 concerts) et un espace de documentation et de publications, pendant 48h autour des relations entre art et économie, et de la notion de neutralisation.