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Join us for 4th stop on Virtuality Grand Tour!

The 4th stop on the Virtuality Grand Tour* is upcoming tomorrow (!) Tues. 13.3. at 18.00 EEST / +2 GMT.

This time our host and tour guide is Sari TM Kivinen, a visual artist working mainly with text, performance, and video, who is interested in the relation between (auto)biography, fiction and identity construction. She will present to us an Australian mining town called Mount Isa online via various links and google maps. She has never physically been there, but her research has revealed that in the early to mid 1900s a high percentage of the town were Finnish immigrants, and Finns had a big influence on the town. Apparently some still live there.

Again the event will last for 1 hr, and we begin in our Twitvisio #pixelversity channel (sign in with a Twitter account).

* A ‘grand tour’ was, in the tradition of classical learning, a travel around cultural landmarks. In this theme we revive the practice online, with each stop on the Virtuality Grand Tour (VGT) exploring different online platform(s) and tools, and is hosted by a particular person.

Image credit: Google Streetview.