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Minister Stubb trying to explain the goverment cuts on education. Demonstration in the background. #helsinkichallenge
Albedo Dreams website at Suomeksi myös #albedodreams #albedo #diy_climatemanipulation #citizenscience #climatechange
RT @Maanystavat: Seminaaria, elokuvaa ja mielenosoitusta! Kaivos- ja #Fennovoima-kriittinen viikonloppu #Raahe ja #Pyhäjoki 6.-8.11. https:…
NEMO - Natural Emotionality in digital interaction -
RT @existenz_: Energy and Experience: An Essay in Nafthology via @tereensio
RT @animaliary: Suomalaisteurastamo on eläinten helvetti ennen kuolemaa. Tänään @YleTV1 MOT klo 20.
RT @darkmtn: Dark Mountain issue 8 is now out! Read an extract from the editorial, and some opening words from @billmckibben…
RT @berlinfernsehen: Bereits zum zweiten Mal ist in diesem Jahr das in der ‚station der urbanen...…
Skotlannissa saunottiin pronssikaudella, sauna löytyi lähes ehjänä | Yle Uutiset |
Birgit's Garden, wonderful photo book by @EijaM launched in Finland today
@ggwicz Oh why why why no titles in Portfolio Slideshow 1.11.0?
Mega Observation Platform is to observe, sense, understand and belong to the landscape and the ecosystem present.
New explorations together with Eiche people #non_place #was_ist_traussen #mega #eiche
Baltic Diary: Art and Politics - Apollo Magazine by @tomjeffreys #pixelache #livingspaces
RT @silpol: “Important Question: What Sound Does An Alpaca Make?” @ModFarm @real_mkk do you know?
@silpol @ModFarm What a nice posting, thanks!! There's nothing more calming than the big alpaca herd chatting together peacefully.
Hunger striker was taken down from the tree #fennovoima #nuclear #activism
RT @hanna_maria_a: #Pixelache #alpacaoracle Alpacas adviced me to listen more to my herd, be less of a predator. htt…
RT @Taidelinja: Dear passangers: the only vehicle you'll need next weekend is the amazing @pixelache festival tram:
RT @Kulttuurisi: Yle: Living Spaces -festivaali katsoo kaupunkitilaa uudessa valossa
RT @pixelache: Stay tuned to these #Pixelache #LivingSpaces hashtags for info. After 21:00 FIght Night will move somewhere more public to c…
RT @LiveScience: Doomsday' Seed Vault: The Science Behind World's Arctic Storage Cube
RT @HelenaMaijala: Alussa oikeaa analyysiä #Fennovoima'sta. Kun ei puhuta, ongelmaa ei ole?
Aktivistilta loppui ruoka Fennovoiman ja vartionti- liikkeiden evättyä tukijoiden pääsy alueelle. #fennovoima
Pyhajoki nuclear power plant construction site: The guards are not allowing the last activist to eat, starts a hunger strike #fennovoima
Take part in Living Fictions WP #pixelache #livingspacesfestival
Hard Rain Goes Aalto 17.-18.9. - Addressing the current state of environmental issues globally and locally.
Failure to act on climate change means an even bigger refugee crisis
@ldezem Jes, ihminenhän on luotu justiins samoihin hommiin.