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@margheritapvr Indeed, thank you so much for running this WS Margherita! I like we can communicate with touch with…
@real_mkk You can't distinguish yourself from the trees, you can't distinguish yourself from any other living thing there.
Mollison: Those who have been alone in forests for a long time, more than five weeks, know that you totally lose identity as a human being.
Bill Mollison: The Birth of a Global Movement | Permaculture Magazine | via @PermacultureMag
Wohlleben: In one forest, they said, when they wanted to buy a car, they cut two trees. For us, at the time, two trees would buy you a pizza
German Forest Ranger Finds That Trees Have Social Networks, Too #empathy
ANTI Seminar: Weather and Imagination @antifestival #weather
RT @pixelache: Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' 22. - 25.9. #pixelache #empathy
RT @extinctsymbol: 'If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK'
Nuclear Neighbour documents @hanhikivi story - amazing women who stood up to protect life #ecofeminism #nuclear
Nuclear Neighbour, a film about anti-nuclear activist, parliament member @hannahalmeenpaa at @DocPointHKI festival #fennovoima #nuclear
RT @ModFarm: Astronauts & arugula: How @InfiniteHarvest uses space-station technology to grow food:…
Extinction Art #extinction #biodiversity @extinctsymbol
Antti Tenetz biotaiteen läänintaiteilijaksi! Parhautta! @a_tenetz #bioart
RT @abcsoka: New light-activated nanoparticles kill over 90% of antibiotic-resistant bacterial "superbugs" #NewDisc…
'Arts institutions must offer alternatives to nationalism' @JussiKoitela
@SUCHHELSINKI @PToppila mietin ihan samaa, jes!
What is the Anthropocene? Nordic Geological Winter Meeting 13.-15.1. at Kumpula Campus Helsinki #NGWM2016
Greenpoint Bioremediation Project on oil spill #bioremediation
Call for submission #femalepressure 's campaing to support women in Syria. via @poemproducer #rojava #revolution
If 1,6% of carbon was addee to top soil, we could reach the pre-industrial time with CO2 in the athmosphere. #permaculture #richardperkins
Richard Perkins: Every year 30% of topsoil is moved by agriculture, same amount as did the whole last ice age. #permaculture
Fabulous Beat to the Balance sauna image by Art Light #beattothebalance
If you happen to be/live in Copenhagen, warmly welcome to take part in Beat to the Balance at Astrid Noack's Atelier
Preparing for Beat to the Balance at Astrid Noack's Atelier #beattothebalance #juniper #rowan
Photographs from this year's Alpaca Oracle (by Antti Ahonen) @pixelache #alpacaoracle @PaiviLaFuente @Maiccu
Proof Consciousness Moves To Another Universe At Death via @ZenGardner1