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RT @extinctsymbol: UK government is using aid money to back oil and gas drilling in protected areas in Africa:
RT @TheStovies: #MakingDumfries @JoanMcAlpine MSP joins over 200 Doonhamers signing Dumfries Pledge to re-populate our Town Centre https:/…
RT @AFProverbs: Inkomo isengwa ngoyaziyo- A cow is milked by the one who knows it #Xhosa #AfricanProverb
RT @Nephys: Ba bird in bronze with human head. Roman period.
RT @konbini: Famous stolen Vermeer painting recreated with stock images
RT @seattletimes: Microsoft takes the "never again" pledge, says it won't help build registry that targets Muslims, immigrants: https://t.c…
Data populists must seize our information – for the benefit of us all | Evgeny Morozov #AmazonCritique #opendata
The enigma of Italy's ancient Etruscans is finally unravelled
Philosopher Alain de Botton on Central Foible of the Human Heart and How to Heal It #PopovaSundays via @brainpicker
Brave artist shares anyways the photos Trump never wanted published
It will take more than tolerance to protect human rights
'Lost' Austrian film Die Stadt ohne Juden (The City Without Jews) predicting rise of nazism restored and relaunched
"We Have An Important Role in the World.. The Field of Cultural Evolution is Vital Right Now"
RT @AFProverbs: A friend is like a water source for a long journey. #Luo #AfricanProverb
RT @extinctsymbol: Imagine if all the eco-yuppies who think they're so cool because they go to Burning Man were to go on a anti-pipeline pr…
RT @teemul: Finland was once dominant in mobile with Nokia and is now making a comeback with virtual reality
RT @shaunwalker7: Fascinating, depressing longread on how oldschool diplomacy & actually understanding a country now raises suspicions http…
RT @extinctsymbol: “We’re just tired of the rape of Mother Nature,” Spotted Wolf said. “We’re fighting extinction.”
RT @UNOCHA: #Syria is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. Close to 5,000,000 people have fled the country. We cannot continue to l…
The tweets of a young girl in Aleppo: Will a seven-year-old shock us into action? /via @globeandmail
Radical Hope: Philosopher Jonathan Lear on the Paradoxical Seedbed of Courage & Cultural Resilience via @brainpicker
Lessons in life and the universe from a cup of tea | Helen Czerski #SundayPhysics
This is the most dangerous time for our planet | Stephen Hawking : "To learn above all a measure of humility."
Slavoj Žižek: Why There Are No Viable Political Alternatives to Unbridled Capitalism #makesyouthink
How Freelancers Are Reinventing Work Through New Collective Enterprises #gigeconomy #p2p #cooperative @Shareable
Conversations with grandma: 'When are you going to get married?'
Scots-Irish Friendship Boost! Irish leaders lend support to 'positive' Nicola Sturgeon #BRexit #SCOremain #NIremain
Stone Roses - Fools Gold (Full Version) #madchester "The gold road's sure a long road.." #Grounded <<3
Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck (1989) #madchester live "he cant sign he doesnt give a fxck, its not the X factor"
Inspiral Carpets - Sackville from Life (1990) #madchester <<3