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RT @pixelache: Today join us from 16:00 to 19:00 for an introspection in Decentralised Organising and a hands on Toothpaste workshop! https…
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@Pixelache's new process 'BioSignals' is announced in collaboration wi @Korppiradio @MPLaboratorija #Maalabor…
Jii Hutikan Clip Karavaani On Matkalla! 2007 Rewind. Proud of these students of Self-Org & Networking MAA course…
Oaty McOatFace! #kitchenlab #oatface experiments made in remote synergy with @Hackteria Futures Meeting Zürich
New Winter-Spring season of #ArchivalTendencies on begins @agryfp @pixelache #pixelache…
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Trailblazing Astronomer Maria Mitchell on How We Co-Create Each Other and Recreate Ourselves Through Friendship
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RT @pixelache: In the ethos of the @pixelache Helsinki Festival 2017 we are proposing a @FuckupNight Pixelache edition!…
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