Questions about self-organisation


Pixelache 2008 asked a few grassroot initiatives about their organisational strategies. We received replies from Processing, Arduino, Dorkbot and Boxwars UK (thanks a lot!).


The questions were:

* What are the aims of the project you are involved in?

* How is the project organised?

* How do you support the work financially and what impact does this have on your project?

* What do you feel you have achieved, and what are the problems you face?

* Are there any past projects/models which have inspired you?

* What are your hopes for the future?


Here are the answers: 

* Processing - Casey Reas & Ben Fry

* Arduino - David Cuartielles

* Dorkbot - Douglas Repetto 

* Boxwars UK - Damien Deadly


*  * *


Martha Wallner and Will Bradley asked these same questions in the book Self-Organisation/ Counter-economic Strategies published in 2006. The survey 'Independent media and self-organised culture in the US: Situations and strategies' featured answers from 5 US-based organisations (published again here):


* Indymedia -– Sasha Constanza-Chock

* Free Speech Radio News – Adrienne Lauby

* Electronic Intifada – Nigel Parry

* Other Cinema (and A.T.A. Gallery) – Craig Baldwin

* Temporary Services – Brett Bloom