Night on Earth Launch Club in Dubrovnik

Night on Earth is series of exhibitions and club events in Berlin, Helsinki and Shanghai.

The launch event of the Night on Earth is organised in collaboration with Pixelache, the main events will be organised later this year in Berlin + Helsinki + Shanghai.

Launch event features following live electronic music acts:

  • Moby Dictator (FI) - a new solo project by Tuomas Laitinen (Them Shepherds)
  • Eero Johannes (FI) - electronic funk / skweee!
  • Dead-O - DJ set from Dead-O who is also involved in Clouds (releases on Noppa, Argon, 2nd Drop and Jahtari labels)

with VJs Jesse Auersalo and Beige/Harmaa 

and also DJ Candle in the Wind (FI)