Office as interface

We speculated that the Pixelache production office in Suvilahti Cultural complex, Helsinki, was a interface device itself, as container for objects with various usages at different times..

One day in December 2020 it was used like this..

We have used this office since 2012, and with it's contents became a non linear and non organized archive, full of tangible data. 

There are files, boxes, shelves with some things arranged and sorted..

And sometimes seemingly random things left behind..

We hoped to trigger memories through the objects related with Pixelache office. It has hardly been used during the pandemic times.


In a sort of 'Proustian madeleine' process, this decision allowed a more playful approach to the idea of archive. 

Objects as traces surrounded by different stories, stories as subjective ways to recall the past. 

We can reflect and question if there is any objectivity in archives, data or statistics.