Audiozine: Community of practices

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Link to hosted file: Creatures Audiozine 02 - Community Of Practices [welcome to add comment to timeline via a SoundCloud account]


This audiozine pastes together conversation around organisational labour, friendships and motivation, changing disciplines within Pixelache with the recent years, festival 2019, safer space ambitions, things left behind, and a need to collectively imagine future desires. Featured objects include our internal 'Pixel' system for compensating associational work by members, a 3D printer, a bed-side artwork and safe space guidelines.


Selected things

07:24: 3D printer invested for the office in December 2018 (Image: Antti Ahonen)


09:10: 3D printed participant badge objects made for Pixelache Festival 2019 Breaking the 5th Wall (Image: Antti Ahonen)


09:17: Graphic poster from Pixelache Festival 2019 Breaking the Fifth Wall (Image: Antti Ahonen)


14:10: Remaining piece of Naab & Teeri's installation artwork from Pixelache Festival 2017 Local & Decentralized (Image: Antti Ahonen)


16:43: Safer Space guidelines sheet on office wall, from Pixelache Festival 2019 Festival Breaking the 5th Wall (Image: Antti Ahonen)


Comments on timeline

0:01: (association of experimental electronics) long-term collaborator of Pixelache, their sound is inter-mixed throughout this audiozine!

00:16: Agnieszka Pokrywka on Pixelache's internal system 'pixels' to support association office work by members

01:31: time as resource

02:17: Steve Maher on their reasons to join Pixelache, doing things and becoming part of how things work

03:55: Saša Nemec on different practices intertwined, 'out of the box' art, diversity of formats

05:42: Andrew Gryf Paterson on gathering of members in earlier years with similar practices vs the current diversity of practices

06:27: Saša Nemec on diversity of strategies, perspectives and approaches to art within Pixelache, giving space

07:24: Steve Maher on 3D printer used during Festival 2019 Breaking the 5th Wall,  resources to buy tools

10:49: Anastasia Artemeva & Andrew Gryf Paterson on process-based organisation

12:09: Anastasia Artemeva on working with artists, keeping in touch, adapting to current needs

12:44: Saša Nemec on objects accumulated at the office, storage for art works from past festivals

14:33: Andrew Gryf Paterson on hard to describe or define community of practices/interests

15:52: Agnieszka Pokrywka on speculating what would you like Pixelache to be, aims and hopes for the future instead of reflecting on the past 

16:37: Vishnu Vardhani Rajan on safe space guidelines for Festival 2019 Breaking the 5th Wall. Comment by Irina Mutt. References from a kink-queer collective, ethics of safety, politics of care

19:20: How it was concept of safe space shared, and how it affected the organisation? (Questions by Agnieszka Pokrywka & Andrew Gryf Paterson)

20:10: Vishnu Vardhani Rajan answers about sharing safe space guidelines within organisation and with volunteers in 2019 festival

24:13: Hoping to find folder, finding cables and the joy of finding things