Autumn-Winter 2012 Survey
image Live Video Lab / Pixelache 2009    Pixelache Helsinki is conducting AV Culture Research in the Nordic-Baltic and NE European context, which aims to help map out active participants in the live AV/VJ scene, share the information, and see potential for future collaboration(s).

Autumn-Winter 2012 Survey

We would like to invite you to fill the survey located here:
(Please forward above link if you know someone who might be interested) Interested in the questions we're asking? Download list of questions (open document text):
pixelache_av-culture_research_questions_031112.odt [29kb] Download exported Survey Data up until 22.11.2012 (open document spreadsheet):
pixelache_av_culture_research_results_221112.ods [46kb] See preliminary infographic visualizations based on above survey data.


Irina Spicaka
AV Culture Researcher and Developer
irina [at] or schprici [at]