Raspberry Pi, Pure Data, openFrameworks workshops

We are inviting audiovisual media artists, designers and coders to participate in 3-day long Raspberry Pi + openFrameworks and Raspberry Pi + Pure Data workshops which will result in a collaborative audiovisual jam session. These Pixelversity supported events will happen in Helsinki, Finland, as part of the AAVE festival from 7-13. April, 2014. Apply before deadline 23rd February, and results will be announced on February 28. Find out more about the workshops here. If you have any questions contact event curator Irina Spicaka to irina [-at-] cc4av.info.

Creative Coding for Live Audio Visuals 2014 Workshops
Creative Coding for Live Audio and Visuals workshops and jam session in context of Pixelache platform collaboration with AAVE festival.

April 7 - 13, 2014, Helsinki.

The event curated by Irina Spicaka.
Building Visual Synthesizers with Raspberry Pi and openFrameworks workshop by Krisjanis Rijnieks.
Building Portable Instruments with Raspberry Pi and Pure Data wourkshop by Sébastien Piquemal.

Photo and video documentary by Rolands Briedis, Linda Praulina (phone), Esa Ruoho (phone): flickr.com/photos/irinaspicaka/sets/72157644805678549/

Supported by: Pixelache, AVEK, KKF, AAVE, Aalto Fab Lab, Aalto Media Factory, VKN, mbar.